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Silk Bonnets - 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap - Adjustable elastic band

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  • ⭐ PREMIUM QUALITY & ADVANCED DESIGN: Made of 6A Grade, 100% 19 Momme Mulberry Silk. Not only classy and cute, our silk bonnet has been designed with the smoother side of the silk on the inside. The unique design gives your hair even better protection against breakage, hair loss, dryness and friction compared to other silk caps with smoother side on the outside.
  • ⭐ NO MORE SWEATING: Unlike other dual-layered silk or satin caps and wraps, ours has a thin, one layer of 19 Momme Mulberry silk with a smoother side on the inside. This is our solution to the many complaints of unwanted sweating. It's lightweight and breathable.
  • ⭐ EXTRA LARGE YET ADJUSTABLE: Large enough for long thick hair and yet it's adjustable for any other length and types of hair. Soft & elastic tie band to fit any adult head size and any type, length, and amount of hair.
  • ⭐PROBABLY THE FIRST BONNET THAT ACTUALLY STAYS ON YOUR HEAD: The elastic band allows you to gently tighten your sleeping bonnet and keep it in place. While we can't give you a 100% guarantee that the bonnet will stay on your head all night long (we all sleep a little differently, after all), we can promise that it will keep your hair shiny and hydrated.
  • ⭐ SPA-LIKE TREATMENT FOR YOUR HAIR: Our silk hair wrap for sleeping locks in moisture and keeps your hair shiny and hydrated with less split ends, less hair loss and less tangles. It also keeps your curls defined and your long hair smooth, manageable and easy to brush. It is a perfect choice for natural hair, long hair, braids, weaves, curly hair, updos, rollers, hair clamps, split ends, and so on. Giving you a win for the morning.

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