Tips to Prevent a Patchy Fade Tan

Tips to Prevent a Patchy Fade Tan

Moisturize: The dryer your skin is, the faster it sheds the outer layer of skin - and your tan along with it! Maintain your color by moisturizing daily to keep your self tan in place.

Use a Tan Extending Lotion: A tan extender not only provides an abundant amount of moisture to keep your tan looking fresh - it also contains a small amount of DHA which is the active ingredient in every self tanner that gives your skin color. So you can moisturize and liven up the color and keep it even all in one application and one product. We recommend our Golden Star Beauty Tan Extender Lotion.



Other Skincare Products: Keep a special eye on the ingredients in all other skincare products you are using to make sure they are self-tanner friendly. Avoid products with exfoliating agents, alcohol, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Basically, treat your skin with chemical-free products that are gentle on your skin.


Double Cover: When applying your self tanner, make sure you go over every part of your body. If you don’t know if you hit a spot or not then go over it again. This will not make your skin darker. It is important to cover every area to avoid patches of pale skin showing through your new golden glow!

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