7 most common self-tanning mistakes

7 most common self-tanning mistakes

You probably want to a “bit of color” in the summer. Instead of sunbathing, self-tanner is a much better option. In fact, it’s a good choice for people of all different skin tones. But, know that when we say it’s a better option, I don’t mean it’s a foolproof one. Do it right and you’ll have a bronzed goddess look. Do it wrong and you’ll end up streaky and orange.




1. Waxing and shaving just before applying self tanners (applying self tanners to freshly waxed or shaved skin - your pores may show up as little orange dots).


2. Forget to exfoliate: you need to exfoliate (preferably 24 hours) before you tan with a mild scrub. Make sure to focus on extra dry areas like your elbows and knees, ankles and feet, as dead skin cells could soak up self tanner and develop darker patchy areas and an uneven texture.


3. Go Brazilian overnight: appyling too much of self tanner at one time often results in orangey tan. We suggest to work up your tan gradually and add to it to achieve the color you want naturally.


4. Self tanning on hot days: Self tanning should be avoided on a hot day. When you sweat it produces a wet perspiration and will stop the self tanning process.


5. Self tanning and strenuous exercise: Strenuous exercise should be avoided for as long as possible as self tanner will stop processing on the areas you have been sweating and this will cause an uneven sunless tan.


6. Getting in touch with water: Don’t touch any water within the first 8 hours after applying self tanning products. Be very careful when washing hands. Water will stop the self tanner from processing further and will cause the sunless tan to have uneven streaks. Also avoid activities that might cause you to sweat.


7. Improper storage practices can negatively affect the condition of your products. All tanning products should be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Do not leave tanning products in the car. Keep tanning products inside of the refrigerator, but make sure it doesn’t freeze. Freezing and excessively hot temperatures have the same negative effect on tanning products. You never want to put a damaged product on your complexion. Your skin is very precious!


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