4 Essentials to Extend Your Self Tanning Glow

4 Essentials to Extend Your Self Tanning Glow

Everyone loves to feel beautiful. For us at Golden Star Beauty, one way that we believe makes you feel more beautiful is giving your skin such a glow that it looks like you have been on some fabulous exotic vacation in the Bahamas - without the actual flying-across-the-ocean-to-an-exotic-island part. But, of course, that gets a little more difficult to achieve when the lovely summer sun disappears behind cloudy skies and the blustering winds of fall and winter.

If you’re like us, then you want to make that gorgeous tan last and last and last! So here are 4 ways to extend the life of your tan.


1. Smooth the Way for That Gorgeous Tan

The first key to a great quality and lasting tan is preparation! The best way to prepare your skin is to shave or wax at least 24 hours in advance. Then, right before your application, give your skin a good exfoliating scrub in cold water. The cold water might make you shiver, but it will help close your pores so they are less likely to become clogged and will prevent those unsightly dots that sometime appear after you self tan. After your shower, make sure you are completely dry before you start applying your self tanner.


2. Lock In the Good Moisture

This is of the utmost importance for keeping your tan looking fresh and dewy. Dry skin soaks up that self tanner like nobody’s business and creates those ugly dry orange patches that serve as obvious signals to everyone that you have been self tanning! Apply a gentle moisturizer on those problem dry areas like elbows, feet, and knees. Carry that moisture through to the following days after your application and your skin will be soft and fresh along with having a beautiful golden tan. We recommend our Golden Star Beauty Tan Extender. Not only is this organic lotion full of oils and moisturizers, it has a small amount of DHA (which is the ingredient in self tanners that gives you that rich golden color) to help keep up the color! It’s a game changer when it comes to a lasting tan.


3. Lock Out the Bad Moisture

To keep that tan lasting, make sure you keep away from activities that don’t mix well with self-tanning. Namely, those that involve contact with water or are conducive to sweating. No one wants rivers of self tanner flowing down their legs when they are trying to get their glow on!


4. Choose the Right Product for You

It is very important to purchase a quality self-tanner that includes DHA. But because DHA (which gives your skin color) tends to dry out your skin, it is also important that your self-tanner includes a good ratio of moisturizers and oils to keep your skin soft and nourished. Of course, we are partial to our organic line of self tanners that are specially formulated to give you not only sexy tanned skin but are also loaded with Vitamins and Organic Oils to make sure your skin stays hydrated! We recommend our GOLDEN STAR BEAUTY Sunless Tanning Lotion, Sunless Tanning Oil and Sunless Tanning Facial Serum. Also, if you want that extra boost to help your tan last, we have an amazing Tan Extender Lotion that has a small amount of DHA to give your tan an extra dose of color!


That’s it! These tips will help you get your tan to last the longest amount of time possible. We already have enough problems in life to worry about and feeling beautiful and confident should not be one of them :)

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