🌺 Tips to Fix a Patchy Tan 🌺

🌺 Tips to Fix a Patchy Tan 🌺

Exfoliate: If you find you have missed a spot when applying self tanner, exfoliate the spot gently and then go back over it as soon as possible with a gradual self tanner. Our Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Oil is a high quality gradual tanner and great for getting a natural glow or fixing patches.



You can also gently exfoliate as you see your tan starting to fade on the places that tend to fade unevenly for you like the neck, arms or any other tricky areas. This will help it fade evenly with the rest of your body.


Start Fresh: There are several ways to remove your tan and start again with a fresh canvas.


1. Make Your Own Tan Remover - Blend baking soda and lemon juice. Mix lemon juice and baking soda in a bowl until they form a paste. If you are using this mixture to remove sunless tanner from your entire body, make sure you mix a larger amount. Lightly rub the paste over the spots from which you want to remove the sunless tanner. Rinse off with warm water and repeat if necessary. Make a paste of baking soda and water if lemon juice is too harsh for your skin.


2. Apply baby oil - In most cases, moisture will help you retain your sunless color. However, baby oil has the opposite effect and will loosen the skin cells pigmented with sunless tanner. Using a baby oil treatment can tone down or completely remove self-tanner without harming your skin. Soak your skin in baby oil and leave it on for ten minutes. Then hop in the shower and gently scrub your skin with a loofah to remove the color. Repeat the process if necessary.


3. Use a Tan Eraser or Face Wipes - Self tanners have come a long way in technology. You can now purchase a Tan Eraser that will break down your tan and remove it. These are great if you want to remove tanner from your entire body. You can also use face wipes on smaller places.


Your greatest ally against patchy self tanner on your skin is preventing it. But if you find yourself in a sticky situation, these tips will help you take care of it for a stress-free solution so you can continue every day feeling beautiful and glowing!

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