🌟 How To Tan Your Face 🌟

🌟 How To Tan Your Face 🌟

Applying self tanner to your face can be a little intimidating since it is the most visible part of your body that everyone sees. But, it can be easy and stress-free once you know how to do it correctly! Follow these simple steps and you won’t have to worry about waking up looking like an oompa loompa.




1. Set up in a well-lit area and pull your hair back into a tight ponytail to keep from getting tanner in your hair.


2. Apply your cleanser with a washcloth and wash off using lukewarm water to remove any unwanted dirt or makeup. *PRO TIP*: Rub an ice cube all over your face. The cold temperature helps close your pores to prevent uneven spotting. Pat your face completely dry.


3. With clean and dry hands, apply the self tanner (We recommend our Golden Star Beauty Facial Serum) evenly with circular motions (using fingertips or a facial self tanning mitt) avoiding lips. Start by applying it to the places where you are naturally tan - your forehead, the apples of your cheeks, your chin, and the bridge of your nose. Be careful not to get too much tanning serum on your upper lip, as this spot absorbs more lotion than other areas on the face. Don’t forget to apply it to and behind your ears and the back of your neck - especially if you have short hair.


4. Gently wipe off self tanner from the eyelids, eyebrows and areas such as sunspots, melasma or acne scars. These areas tend to get darker and more noticeable when you’ve slathered on self tanner. Wiping them off will create a more even looking skin tone.


5. Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after application, paying special attention to the cuticles and under the nails.


6. Allow 15 minutes dry-time before contact with clothing and hair. Be careful not to eat during the setting time. If you need to drink, then sip through a straw to prevent rubbing the self tanner off before it finishes setting. We also recommend waiting at least 2-3 hours before applying makeup or any other cosmetic products. Avoid retinols and acne treatments as these products will strip your color away prematurely.


With a little practice, you can get the glow you are looking for in no time! For some extra help, check out our Youtube Channel HERE for some excellent how-to videos.


Happy tanning!

Golden Star Beauty

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