✨When & Why to Use Tanning Mitts✨

✨When & Why to Use Tanning Mitts✨

Ever wonder what all the hype is about using a tanning mitt? What are they and why are they important? Are they really necessary for self tanning? We are here to clear up those questions and help you have all the information you need for a smooth self tanning experience!


~Exfoliating Mitts~


The first mitt you will come across when you are looking into sunless tanning is an exfoliating mitt. These mitts are simply a glove that fits on your hand and makes it easier to exfoliate more surface area of your body at once and provide an extra boost to any exfoliating body wash you may want to use. They are typically used in the shower and will help remove all those dead skins to help you start fresh and get the maximum use out of your self tanner. They come in different shapes and sizes but it is just important that you get a quality one and be sure to clean it after every use so you are not transferring any build up or bacteria back to your skin!


~Tanning Mitts~


Tanning mitts for both your body and your face are available to help with all of your tanning needs. They are generally made out of a soft and velvety material and - if they are well made - should be thick enough to protect your hands from getting covered in tanning oil. But that is not the only benefit they offer. Tanning mitts help you to evenly distribute the tanner more evenly than is normally possible than with just your hands. Because they do such a good job distributing the tanner, it often means you don’t need as much product to get good coverage. There is really no downside to using one - just make sure (as with any other beauty tool) that the glove is washed frequently to kill any bacteria or product build up.


Mitts are great tools to use for both exfoliation and self tanning. They are optional tools but can really improve your results - so we advise investing in a good one! Of course, we are partial to our Tanning Mitt kit ;) It has everything you need - exfoliating mitt, body tanning mitt and face tanning mitt. Not to mention they are super soft!

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